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Name: Kyle Nathaniel Locke
Alias: Brumby
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets; Starfleet
Rank: Captain
Occupation: Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Brisbane (NCC-93653-B)
Age: 28
Born: New Sydney; 2381, December 31.
Father: Nathaniel Locke
Mother: Danielle Locke
Other Relatives: Eric Thompson (Grandfather); Rachel Thompson (Grandmother)
Born on the 31st of December 2381 on New Sydney in the Sapora System. His father, Nathaniel Locke, was a Captain in the local police forces, however unlike most of the officers on the force his father wasn't corrupt and this meant that he had enemies within the Orion Sydicate. His mother, Danielle Locke, ran one of the local bars on the planet known as the Billabong and unfortunately much of the clientelle had links to the Orion Syndicate and would often try to shake the Billabong down, however Kyle's father would always intervene. Eventually though the Orions would have their fill of Nathaniel's interference and arranged an 'accident' to occur while on one of his investigations, the 'accident' would be caused by his father's Bolian partner Orthen Dat whom had tampered with Nathaniels side arm to cause a misfire inside the chamber and explode in his hand. Although the explosion wasn't the cause of death it was enough to knock him back and topple a crate of self sealing stem bolts on top of him. The cause of death would be written off as equipment malfunction. After his father's death and the harassment from the Orion Syndicate continued to escalate and became more violent each time they were rejected by his mother, which eventually started to take its toll on Danielle's health. With her suppliers and patrons being scared off by the Orions, the family was barely managing to scrape up a living and even though she was suffering herself, Danielle managed to get enough latinum slips together to get a transport to take Kyle back to his grandparents back on Earth.

It would be one standard Earth year later that Kyle would recieve his Federation Citzenship. After turning eighteen Kyle Locke submitted his application to Starfleet and began his life at the Academy, and in honor of his father's memory he chose to follow a career in tactics and security. After enterring the academy, Kyle immediately took to the training areas and began refining his combat skills. One of the campus counsellors stating: "That it is almost as if he is trying to prove something to someone." however his instructors were impressed and encouraged his obsession to a point where he could maintain his grades without negatively effecting his health.

Some time during his second year at Starfleet Academy, Kyle and fellow classmate had developed a crush on each other, after Kyle whom at the time been in charge of a group of fellow cadets during a survival training exercise, 'saved' her from falling over the side of a cliff and inadvertantly wound up falling over the edge himself and cost his team the mission. As the two dated, Kyle's psychological profile had changed drasitically and the counsellors noted that Jasmine acted as a positive stabilising influence in his life and that he showed promise as officer. During the final year at Starfleet both Jasmine and Kyle had decided to postpone their relationship and decided to focus on their careers in Starfleet and do their best to graduate without too much distraction. Even though they both agreed that it was for the best, both had a hard time adjusting to the sudden pause in their relationship however Kyle used his archery elective to blow off some steam.

After completing the Kobayashi Maru in 2403, Kyle had be given a comission aboard the U.S.S. Wirraway (A Miranda-class cruiser) and serve as the Chief Tactical Officer for six years until the engagement with a Borg Cube that was attacking the U.S.S. Khitomer early in 2409, where he was forced to take command when the Captain had been killed in action and the First Officer being Assimilated by a boarding party. After evicting the Borg from the Wirraway, Kyle had set a course for Earth and reported the incident to ADmiral Quinn where he recieved a commendation and given full command of the Wirraway.


This is what I have so far and I'll continue to update as much as possible.

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