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01-18-2013, 03:53 AM
If you are complaining due to PvP, you may have just had the misfurtune of running into a premade group. They very skilled and coordinated their attacks. They have Sci captains to defuff you then the Tac swoop in for the kill. If you manage to suvive, there is usuall a second Tac to finish you off. If you are in a Cruiser, they will debuff you then focus fire on you. If you do manage to get to them, they have cruisers set up to specifically heal.

When I am in my cruiser I usually can survive a one on one assault from a escort but, once his buddies gets involved, I am toast. If I can't get my hull healed and shields back up before he is ready for his second run, I am toast. This is coming from a player that do not PvP very often. I may get my butt kicked in PvP but, at least I know why I am getting it kick and can recognize a good player and can appriciate an efficient group.