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01-18-2013, 04:22 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
No. Boot Camp is running fine without extra luggage and egos to accommodate, best to keep it that way, imv.

And just to show you how I really feel:

"Recent events" have made it quite clear, that new players might not need to be introduced to some of the Veteran's personal vendettas. We're here to have fun after all.

Setting PvP kindergarten kids up to compete in an open tourny....whats the point? Lambs to the slaughter? Target practice? Coaches fighting with one hand behind the tied behind their back?

What would boot camp gain at this point from this tourny? I mean we still haven't finished the second session. Some players still have a very long way to go to ....

The TS is simply being used as a medium to discuss this event further. There hasn't been a mention of opening the event to bootcamp. Not that they couldn't join the event if they were inclined but I think most players that are in bootcamp probably weren't pvp'ing during s1.2-2.

Thanks for your input.
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