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01-18-2013, 04:49 AM
Unlocking the store for each rep isn't too terribly expensive but I was more referring to the one time run requesitions like maco gear or romulan/reman sets. I just couldn't imagine them making that an account-wide unlock once one toon has unlocked it. Each piece costs how much in marks and dilithium and its only a one time thing. If you want multiple sets of that for other ships or BOFFS, you have to run it again times the number of sets you want.

That is how they get everyone on the dilithium, if they allowed u to only need to run it once and unlock account wide, even if in a store and only cost a smaller dilithium amount, it would be a massive cut to the dilithium needs and cut the zen sale drastically therefore costing them cash, e.i. 75% pay cut analogy.
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