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Originally Posted by shaeply View Post
i quited one mmo after 3,5 years of playing already, because the classes i liked were bad and devs had been doing nothing with it. now i see the same here. all looks nice, but when i compare them, i see no reason this game to have 3 classes and ship types, tac/escorts have all aces.
science is only a little bit annoying (resistances,skills doing nothing more than extend fight for 5 more sec), eng takes little longer to kill. but as captain of these two when you see an escort with alpha+omega, you know you are dead. there is a rule in arenas, team with more escorts win.
sci is good for gw, but some escorts can have it too.
eng dunno, it can tank nicely, but mobs mostly choose escorts anyway.

and escorts can manage to get same healing as others, with much more dmg dealing.

i don't like arguing about this, i have a tac/escort too as my second char, i see it is true. The idea of 3 chars, classes is nice, but tac/escort ftw.
You seem to be forgetting one thing... PvP in STO is a team game.

Escorts kick out a lot of damage, but are very squishy in exchange. Also, they don't get the same healing as other ships - cruisers have a lot more engineering abilities, and science ships have a lot more shield heals from science abilities. Escorts get more tactical abilities for extra damage. A well built escort will have decent healing abilities, but they are still nothing compared to what the other classes can do.

Science don't do as much damage, but they can strip buffs from an opponent, and have a lot of control abilities. They get shield heals, and a well built science ship can leave an opponent dead in space, with no power to anything. After that, a target is easy pickings.

Cruisers are tough, can take a pounding, and heal. They also get the highest number of weapons in the game. They get the most engineering abilities.

A group of 5 ships working together can rule in PvP, whether or not they have more escorts than the other team or not. Having said that, a well built team would have probably 2 escorts, plus 2 cruisers and a science.