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01-18-2013, 05:08 AM
First off all, thanks for all the feedback.

I will go and swap my rear turrets and my rear beam for tetryon so i can down shields abit faster.
I thought about going 3 turrets at the back, but since they are there only for the proc and not for the dmg, I like to hold the option to subtarget systems and keep a beam array.

About the Diburnium armor and RCS. Thanks for that feedback. I will take a good look tonight at the options you gave me and take the consoles I prefer most.

Since I had 4 nightshifts and they are pretty boring, I had the chance to get 500 zen for a respec by doing the questionlists at the perfect world site.
I will change my skills to lose the points I wasted in the power skills and the EPS.

I had a look at the breen cluster and will give it a try, see how it works, its nice to have a big damage boost.
Since the breen stuff is easy to get (done all the missions with my tac cap, and just finished the cardassians with my sci), I will try the transphasic with the breenset and see how they do.

Oh and about the mines. They sound very interesting. I'll give them a try ones for sure. But atm I'm trying to get this build and playstyle the way I want.

Again, thanks for all the feedback!