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01-18-2013, 06:20 AM
Kinda disappointed here. When the other boxes ended there was a special bonus going on with extra items and lobi. Not this time....

Originally Posted by avitrek View Post
This is not a new suggestion. I have about 400 Lobi Crystals scattered across my account. I, myself, have suggested multiple times to make the crystals account-bound. Either PWE isn't at all interested in making them BoA, or they are, but have it on the bottom of the list. We already know how long it takes them to handle stuff at the top of the list, so... question answered.
400 is nothing, I have a few thousand spread around... not sure how much because I spent a lot of them recently. It was also highly annoying because I didn't have time to run the race with all of my characters everyday and would have just bought the picture packs... but most of the lobi are on two characters and the pic packs were bound to character.

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