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01-18-2013, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
I think a somewhat useful "X is problematic" test is the following:

Assuming two teams with equally skilled players, is it reasonably possible to win against a team using X without using X yourself?

Now obviously one has to be careful with this criterion. It is not sensible to apply it to core game mechanics ("Engines are problematic, because you can't beat a team with engines without equipping engines yourself!", same for "damage" and "healing" or core abilities like SNB and EPtS), but I think it is useful when applied to individual items or skills that are newly being introduced - see full team SNB doffs, New FAW, the old Glider, the old SS, the (original) Elite Shields, the old T4 rep heal.

Does this apply to TachMines? I have no idea, I don't have these mines myself.
Can one beat a team that is using TachMines in an organised fashion without using TachMines oneself? Or are the necessary counters limiting the team so much in its attack potential that it is impossible to win?
is it possible to jump to our ts for a talk and show you how bad these mines are against 3 players verse 1 player with them?