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01-18-2013, 07:18 AM
I really would like a sci specialised kdf ship (I mean one with a boff layout like the dssv on the fed side) - I've pondered buying a b'rel due to its universal slots as I could see it being very viable (for estf pve I'd go with the cmmdr and a lt slot being HEx2, TSS2x2 and two grav wells/tyken/energy siphons, the lt cmmdr being epts1, 2 and aux2sif and the last slot as two torp spreads) but with its cost, I'll be grinding for a few months but I would really like to see a dedicated klingon science vessel designed as so

To me, that really is what the KDF is missing (although I will admit, the sci options on my klink carrier are nice...grav well spamming to help my bops never gets old, nor equipping the ship with rainbow turrets as the ship does little but park in place)