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01-18-2013, 07:02 AM
It varies by fleet action. They haven't revealed the whole system, but the major factors are interactions and damage/kills against objectives. Not dying also counts pretty high - you don't seem to be penalized for dying, but it does lock you out of gaining points for a while while you respawn and fly back to the battle.

Romulan Temple I've managed to take first without firing a single shot because there's a huge number of interaction objectives that count fairly heavily. Same applies on Breaking the Planet, there's a huge number of interactions you can rack up points on, but also swarms of enemies and more kill objectives.
Gorn minefield you can make up for wasting the first phase chasing the mineral samples by getting most of the repair interactions in the second.
Klingon Scout Force you can end up ahead by not wandering like most people do - this one never has enough ships spawned in the first two phases to fill the objectives, so people tend to spread out and kill what is spawned while waiting, but my system for reliably getting 1st/2nd is to stay in the objective area and be the first one on top of the respawns when they start.
Starbase 24 there's no interactions and ships spawn in large, tight groups, so indiscriminate AOE damage is usually the way to go, try to target Negh'vars in the second objective and let the AOE clear out all the rest.