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01-18-2013, 08:06 AM
Q: (akpa) can you provide use with more information about the starbase 24 and gorn minefield 's rating system? and will be any improvements so that we may see the top and how we earned our place there?

Dstahl: We have refrained from sharing specifics because each Fleet Action is slightly different in the way they score (i.e. it depends on the structure of the mission). For example, the Gorn Minefield event scores on Frigate Defeats, Mining Facility Repairs, and the final Boss Defeat, in addition to other factors at different intervals. The real issue is that the score may be too complex to display in a meaningful way, and so we will consider this as feedback when we look at how we could improve player participation, much in the way that Call of Duty or Halo would.
this is from Ask Cryptic: January 2013

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