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01-18-2013, 07:16 AM
Nope. You can only make a reskin of something if it appears in the NPC Contacts tab. No Tholians in there, ground or space, and they are not in the custom costume maker either.

So, we cannot:

Make friendly combat Tholians.
Make single NPC Tholians that can be used with Talk to Contact.
Make Tholians appear in the dialogue box in any way shape or form.
Reskin a lower-level group of enemies as Tholians.

We get space combat mobs and ground combat mobs. That's it.

For the benefit of all, here's some workarounds:


-Use a generic ship npc as a talk to contact and tell everyone its a newly-designed Tholian communications vessel.
-In the plot, say that there's another humanoid race that's giving orders to the Tholians and have the player talk to them instead.
-Have the Tholians somehow take over a humanoid (telepathically?) to talk to us. Like in Independence Day.
-Use a console prop for the dialogue.


-Put down a Tholian ground mob and move one of them behind an invisible wall (may have to use several walls). Move the rest of those Tholians to a cut-off corner of the map. Then you can have the player walk up to the trapped Tholian, interact with a hidden object and thus trigger dialogue, mimicking a talk to contact.

Anyone else got any they want to add? I feel comfortable giving up any and all techniques I use, I'm sure not all of you feel the same way and I understand, but as KF says a lot of these things are tribal knowledge, but that doesn't get passed down unless we pass it down.
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