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01-18-2013, 08:50 AM
You people are stupefying. I am severely disappointed in myself for re-upping my sub after the S7 let-down. Why are you so hard on small, dedicated fleets? If you want to see 25 people in a fleet, make it the minimum to start one, don't keep adding time to how long it takes to acquire the resources, like Fleet Marks and Dilithium.

If anyone in your offices is suggesting this might help keep people in the game longer, I'd suggest you consider just how many are getting tired enough of it all to leave. I really want to help my fleet finish the SB and Embassy, but if I can't do it in a reasonable amount of time invested, I'll leave the game for one that provides more satisfaction with less time involved.

As is, I am NOT re-upping my sub this time around. Not a penny more out of me in subscriptions or Zen purchases until whomever is pulling the strings has someone help them pull their head out of their...

What you folks do is rude to say the least, but duplicitous is more accurate. Overwhelmingly people don't like your changes, yet despite the feedback you claim to follow, you take yet more away.

Government FTW?