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01-18-2013, 07:52 AM
Disappointed Sigh....but I will not put down my sword until we have justice!

2,000 C-points for 10% extra hull, shields, and a 10th console? C'mon! Give us a teeny bit more for our money!

How about adding some Universal Consoles?

Gotta recheck your statting guys. The Science Vessel Retrofit is a Luna class with less hull and shields. What's the point of it?

Suggestions (because yes, I'm not dropping this until its changed:

Hull: 27,500 (Fleet Version: 29,750)
Shields: 1.3 (Fleet Version: 1.43)

Cmdr. Sci
Lt. Cmdr. Sci
Ensign Sci

Lt. Tac

Lt. Eng

Fleet version replaced with:
Cmdr. Sci
Lt. Sci

Lt. Eng

Lieutenant Cmdr. Universal
Ensign Universal

And the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit?

Hull: 28,000 (Fleet version: 30,800)
Shields: 1.3 (Fleet version: 1.43)

Cmdr. Sci
Lt. Cmdr. Sci
Ensign Sci.

Lt. Tact

Lt. Eng

(Fleet version):
Cmdr. Sci
Lieutenant Sci

Lt. Cmdr. Universal
Lieutenant Universal
Ensign Universal

I know that the Starbase tier system makes it hard to balance things, but there's no reason all these fleet ships shouldn't be on par with each other. Especially when they cost the same.
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