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01-18-2013, 08:31 AM
One point to make about pre-selected scenario options...

This shouldn't be about "gimping" certain players or disabling "cheese".

The reason to have that kind of functionality is really about introducing variable factors that can make a PvP scenario more (or less) challenging. It might also be useful for PvP playtesting.

It could even be used to enable specific map features or game mechanics that don't appear in the basic scenario.

Gravitational anomalies that temporarily slow down a ship or slingshot it in another direction. Subspace anomalies that instantly teleport a ship to another location. Various interference effects that disable things like the minimap, or full impulse, or even shields for the whole map or just in certain locations. Metreon gas fields that go boom. Lots and lots of potential here.

PvP options shouldn't be about turning stuff off. It should be a killer feature that creates new challenges and variations and makes people more interested in playing PvP.
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