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01-18-2013, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
I have nothing against cloak or battlecloak for Feds. I don't have anything against Feds not having it (we have better ships after all).

It is just funny when one side is complaining about cloak, the other say that cloak is ok... but only when only they have it because if the enemy have it, the game sucks. I wonder what Klinks would say if they run into a match with Defiants and Galaxys-X only

And Klinks have some non-cloaking ships in their arsenal right? Gorn ships and that fugly Warhammer 40000 carrier. Or do they have cloak too?

There are plenty that don't cloak. The Bortas has **** cloak, too. Basically a free MES.

Anyway the advantage of the cloak is severally negated by a science captain and several science powers. I love Brels come by me, I'll tb, bump or viral you. Or just hit sensor scan and chase you shooting plasma or transphasics until you die. It's lolz.
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