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01-18-2013, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
I never talked of alpha strikes. I don't even think pets have anything like it in their code.
I'm talking sustained damage. And also thanks to very short hangar recharges, those carriers keep all their pets on target contimuing on doing that damage.
They do. The pets use a tac ability on weapons on their first ever run and then at random intervals during their combat sequence.

The pets that have short recharges do the least damage. Birds of Prey have the highest alphas and the longest timers.

Not that alpha strikes are of any importance in PvE, btw.
Its insanely important for pets because its the one time they do real damage. 'sustained' damage is very low..heck, the voquv with only turrets does more damage than todujs or slavers.

I may have exagerated, but I've indeed seem pets at least getting close to non-tac captained escorts. When doubling the amount of hangars, you'd get damage numbers of your pets only the best tacs could rival.
...which is why the ship would have four hangars AND only 2 weapons fore and aft. The damage is exclusively focused on pets...which are not boosted by any tac captain ability.

The problem is this type of gameplay just isn't part of STO. We're supposed to captain our one ship and do things ourselves (although we're Vice-Admirals and Lt. Generals), as we're also doing on ground.

If this is the type of play you'd welcome, maybe you should look elsewhere. Or maybe just wait till they add another rank. It would seem they're toying with the idea of adding something along the lines of controlling several ships and supporting them from behind.

In the end, such a "heavy carrier" would be noticeably stronger than anything else in PvE and completely useless in PvP.

It would work as sort of a base in PvP close to which the opposing team members would be decimated. Due to the carrier's sluggishness, though, they could keep their distance. Such a match could then end in two ways:

- either a fight of a weakened team away from the reach of the carrier (basically a 4 vs. 5);

- or two teams stuck without real fighting: the carrier team keeping close together in safety and the other team flying around, not daring to get close and get killed.
It seems obvious to me you do not fly a carrier in pve or pvp.

To begin with, the carrier that knows how to use its pets (that means, it doesnt just launch them and leaves the attack order on while he flies and fights with his ship...the pets are ignored during the entire fight and act merely as damage add-ons) can and does control them closely.

Toduj fighters, if controlled properly, can deliver almost as much damage as a double wing of b'rolths in the same amount of time. Attack, recall, attack, recall... it triggers their alpha strike repeatedly when you control your pets that way. Slavers can be made to generate massive minefields with the same process.

This is the type of pet-controlling combat the fleet carrier would perform on top of using sci/eng abilities to support team and his pets.