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01-18-2013, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by lostpinky101 View Post
The Gateway is a great idea looking a bit into the future though can you confirm that:

The Gateway will be a platform for external websites to retrieve STO based info for use on other sites.

I run a website for my fleet which I would love to be able to make a RESTFUL or SOAP web service call to the Gateway to retrieve current info including fleet rank about a certain profile and have my websites Access Control Level updated for that user.


So Joe.Blog@joeblogs might be a registered handle on my website and he has a website rank of level 1.
When I promote Joe.Blogs within my fleet that information is available by Gateway and when my site next retrieves that info it then allows a workflow to run that will update the user's rank of my fleet site.

Is the exposure of an API like this a possibility in the future?
That would be awesome. (But stay away from SOAP, it's old and dying. REST would be just fine, and the way to go these days.)

Make it secure by requiring interested users register for appIDs, then restrict those API calls by domain (so they don't get retrieved by other sites) and limit how often the data can be retrieved so developers are "encouraged" to cache the data and not hammer the site with requests. Enable support for multiple fleets (can be useful for KDF branches for example) but limit them to the fleets the user has characters in.

Just some ideas.