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01-18-2013, 09:16 AM
I do wonder if they are confusing the high yield torps and the standard torpedos you have no defence against.
If you look in the game through all the STFs and one hit kills you'll find

Iso charge (used to wipe groups, now its strong, very dangerous, but not crazy)

High yield plasma torpedo - you can shoot them down, its fine.

Plasma torpedos from the gate seem to have a crazy high damage variance, they can hit soft or one hit you with fully buffed shields or even with RSP up

High yield plasma torpedo as before

Plasma torpedos from gates, as before

High yield plasma torpedo as before

Donatra's torpedo spread, which is probably just modifying the damage on the normal plasma torpedos, which is buggy. The real problem here is like against the queen, if you are within 5k of the ship, it will cloak, getting out of range or this ability at 5k+ is impossible. I've seen this wipe groups on the opening attacks

High yield plasma torpedo as before

Lance weapon - which is range limited so ok

The giant plasma balls from the space logs, which are slow enough and able to be shot down, so again, ok

The queen's green blob of death, self centered 5k radius. Avoidable if you stay out of 5k. It makes the fight a mess but you can handle it, escorts have to face the queen so can get trapped quickly. Cruisers fly too slowly to constantly keep out of the 5k range, the queen moves extremely fast at impulse.

Torpedo spread/high yield torpedos from the queen aren't targetable, and you can not get out of range. Being within 5k = death by green blob. These are one hit kills to pretty much everything but the shipped speced for tanks, even then the follow up or burn is likely to kill you. Torpedo spread kills you and possibly the entire team, high yield kills you almost every time. There is no way you can tell which way the queen is facing, it switches agro every few seconds, and brace for impact can save you, but the 1 min cooldown is impractical. The queen also seems to be capable of having high yield and torpedo spread at the same time, making her throw one hit kills extremely frequently.

The logs fire off torpedo spread as well, and due to the weird chain geometry of firing angles in the game, you really can't escape this. Their version is often survivable, but it does one hit a lot of people still.
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