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Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
How about a heavy beam array that can only be fitted to cruisers much like DHCs can only be fitted to escorts and battlecruisers, that gives beam arrays a firepower comparable or even superior to DHCs, but with a significant accuracy penalty? Battleship Cruisers wielding these will thus have the kind of firepower you'd expect from ships that are canonically classified as battleships, but they won't make Escorts irrelevant because trying to hit a target like an Escort with one would be an exercise like attempting to swat a fly with a hammer. Capital ships thus deliver pain to each other and to static targets like Cubes, but Escorts retain the superior ability to shoot down things that have somewhat more mobility.
Don't know about the "heavy beam array" (we do have DBB's), but I think there's a really good argument for turning high-end cruisers into cube-killer dreadnoughts.

However, we have the precedent set by the Defiant that skews what the role of an escort really ought to be. The thing was specifically designed to fight the Borg, whereas the cruisers aren't.

I really don't know what the secret sauce ought to be... I just know it isn't in there yet.

Maybe... maybe the trick is to give cruisers an advantage in weapon power (reduced power drain or reduced cooldowns, maybe?) but give escorts better crits?
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