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01-18-2013, 10:29 AM
From what I have seen, the progression of ships are intended to be:

Standard (Dilithium) Ship -> Z-Store Version -> Fleet Version

The way the Devs see it, a person buying the Z-store version will already have the standard version, and is just tacking on the Z-store on top of that. So, when a person buys the Fleet version, it is assumed they will already have the Z-Store version, along with any consoles from it, and will just be replacing it with the Fleet version. This is why the Fleet versions accept the consoles from the Z-store versions, and sometimes have a cost discount based on ownership of the Z-Store versions. In short, the Fleet versions are upgrades to the upgrades, not seperate ships in the eyes of the Devs.

For this reason, I don't see them ever offering consoles for Fleet ships as it would remove the Z-Store versions from circulation, and they see no point since you are expected to buy those versions before the Fleet versions anyway.