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Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
From what I have seen, the progression of ships are intended to be:

Standard (Dilithium) Ship -> Z-Store Version -> Fleet Version

The way the Devs see it, a person buying the Z-store version will already have the standard version, and is just tacking on the Z-store on top of that. So, when a person buys the Fleet version, it is assumed they will already have the Z-Store version, along with any consoles from it, and will just be replacing it with the Fleet version. This is why the Fleet versions accept the consoles from the Z-store versions, and sometimes have a cost discount based on ownership of the Z-Store versions. In short, the Fleet versions are upgrades to the upgrades, not seperate ships in the eyes of the Devs.

For this reason, I don't see them ever offering consoles for Fleet ships as it would remove the Z-Store versions from circulation, and they see no point since you are expected to buy those versions before the Fleet versions anyway.
Sadly they made your statement only applicable to feddies as (until VERY recently) there weren't any Z-store ships that could be upgradable to fleet ships for KDF. They've known about this problem for many months and did NOTHING. I guess they still feel the KDF numbers are so low they can charge 2000 zen for anything and the desperate will pay.
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