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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Not entirely accurate. The Defiant class was originally conceived of as part of the Anti-Borg task force (along with classes like the Akira and Steamrunner for example), but the first prototype failed miserably and was repurposed into a warship aimed for service on the Dominion front.
That is indeed true, but ask the average DS9 fan what the Defiant was built for and see what answer you get. It's so inextricably tied in with Sisko's history that everybody most remembers that it's supposed to be a Borg-killer.

I'm convinced the entire escort class was built around this design, that there is a persistent perception tied to this particular ship that it should out-fly and out-gun everything else Starfleet has, and that this perception has bled over in some degree into every other escort in the game.

IMO, the only reason we even have "tactical cruisers" in the game is because it's obvious even to Cryptic that Tac ships have a combat advantage and not everybody in a cruiser wants to play "healboat".
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