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01-18-2013, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
Thanks to relentless grinding, fantastic luck getting contraband-drops and other factors I now have 45,000 dilth backed up ready to refine. I could unleash several projects at once if I had access to this, instead I have to drip-feed them 8K at a time.

8K isn't enough to triggers some rep projects... So I have to wait days to run projects that complete in 120 seconds.

My proposal is this: A microtransaction-based one-shot "refine everything deal." For $5 worth of Zen get instant access to all your dilth. To prevent abuse, run it on a 7-day cooldown and limit ONE transaction token per account during that 7-day cooldown.

This is a situation where I am asking Cryptic to LET ME GIVE YOU REAL CASH MONEY in trade for an in-game service.

Can we get a dev to weigh in on this idea?
if you spend $5 worth of zen to refine dilithium say 45000 current prices 87 dilithium to 1 zen you'd get 43500...why not just uh i donno buy it? then keep refining what you got? next few days...i'd say you'd need at least 200k unrefined for this to be of any real use....just thought i'd add this... if you have characters with extra refined dilithium use dilithium exchange put up for 25 dilithium 1 zen then cancel switch characters take dilithium out of mini dilithium exchange bank type thing other character now has dilithium that other one wasnt using