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Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
Oh I'm am sooooo loving this ship.
My previous ship for my KDF Sci "Kui" (the orion babe in the avatar image <----) was the mirror universe battlecruiser (which I did very much enjoy flying)

In the change over to the Fleet K'tinga I gained more hull hit points, and a great deal of manuverability while only giving up a small amount on BOFF abilities, and a good spread of console slots.

Right now my little baby beast is loaded up with my old set of anti borg weps. 3 AP DHC Mk-XI purples forward and the Quad disruptors, 3 AP turrets rear and that oh so lovely mine launching torp..(yes that one.. such a usefull toy for a stand off boom and zoom ship....though considering how many feddys have defence consoles I'm going to likely switch it out for an additional AP turret. I haven't had a battlecruiser run low on weapon energy due to my talant picks and keep my power for the most part in weps and aux..sci captain.. Aux is good.) I d run the Assimilated Borg Mk-XI set so all in all my new lil baby get around the galaxy at a seriously fast pace and is still no slouch in a tactical engagement.

Did run into some folks who saw K'tinga and thought I was a RP'r that forgot to change ships during an STF, and later in a little one on one PvP. The crys of cheat hacker etc were music to my KDF ears. (the PvP challange was because my battle cruiser in a sci officers hands out DPS's the feddy escorts...I do so love KDF battlecruiser. And they get great gas milage too! (energy to spare). I seriously had the aggro for the STF and the Borg never even managed to knock down a shield. I am pleased.

Posted this because I notice there didn't seem to be any reviews of anyones experience flying the Fleet K'tinga refit. I know I can't possibly be the first to have one, but the old bird makes me feel so Old Guard. Very sweet ship.

One my fleet gets to a level 5 shipyard I may pick up the fleet Tor k'hat. I should have everything I need for it assuming Cryptic doesn't add some new "OMG Must Have!" ship to the fleet ships lineup during this upcoming year. TAC BOFF slot, an additional console slot and around a 10-15% hit point boost (more with my skill tree).

Right now the ships build is baseline with the grear/equipment I have. I will tune her into a PvE/PvP monster eventually.. guess I need to spend more time grinding Dilithium.. be about 3 months worth of grinding to get her set up the way I want.

Khemaraa sends
The Fleet K't'inga is a wonderful ship.
I got mine rather shortly after the launch of Season 6 for one of my tacticals...which I had created specifically for this ship.

I mean...what else would a starship captain who looks like this be commanding?

Funny, back then I expected the ship to turn up in the C-Store as a refit.
This way I got an even better performance boost out of it.

The IKS Kr'tach is very nimble for a cruiser, yet quite sturdy.
There might be those who'd complain the console layout makes for a "mediocre" ship, but I disagree: this makes the ship incredibly flexible.
There is plenty of engineering and science to keep you alive even in the darkest of hours.
And the firepower makes your enemies turn away in fear...if they can.

I assume an engineer in one of these would be incredibly hard to kill.
For a tac it offers enough agility to keep pounding the enemy with DHCs while shrugging off damage that would probably wipe any escort of the map.

I'm both surprised and glad to learn science is also effective in this ship.

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