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01-18-2013, 10:06 AM
Swap the Dual Cannon for another Dual Heavy.
Unless you're running DOffs to reduce the cooldown of EPTS, you should switch out the RSP for a second EPTS so that you can chain them. You can run Brace for Impact (Shield Distribution) doffs as a sort of soft RSP, if you need the shield recharge functionality.

The Borg engines and deflector are hard to beat for survivability. For PVE, you're going to be best off with the Maco shield, although for PVE the KHG shield is also good.

Pick up the Borg console. Run 5 plasma consoles in your tac slots and either put the borg console in your engineering slot with a kinetic armor, or get a second kinetic armor and put the borg console in one of your science slots.

Plasma is just fine for PVE. Borg do not and have never had plasma resistance. I don't know about the plasma torpedo; it might be good because your plasma burn will be buffed by your plasma consoles, but I have never used it.

Swap the ranks of your Hazards and TSS. The borg 2set proc will supply the bulk of your hull heals. Hazards is for clearing plasma burn and a heal that you can give to a teammate in a pinch. TSS is for keeping your shields up and your resists high.