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01-18-2013, 11:08 AM
pro- its another smallish kdf cruiser, that means its going to be AWESOME fun to fly! 9-11 turn rate, maybe a LTC tac, DHCs, CANT WAIT!

con- OMFG its an extremely lazy mishmash of ktinga and vorcha parts by the looks of it. it must be a proto vorcha? the klingon's answer to the ambassador back in the day?

though it basically just looks like you enabled costume part swapping between the 2 ships, im glad there is finally a true intermediate step between the 2 ship, something like this should have been the tier 3 cruiser all among, the ancient ktinga should have been the kdf tier 1 ship

oh well, the range of stats it WILL have, and the likeliness that it will have a LTC tac make me very excited for it!
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