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01-18-2013, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
You complained about Aceton Assimilators. I have actually tested them and showed how they aren't as overpowered as you seem to think they are.

I think I remember your testing and you tested 1 ship vs. 1 aceton assimilator.

The last time I hoped into Ker'rat (last week) there were at least a half dozen or more Aceton Assimilators in a 10km or 15km radius.

It's the same with most special consoles, high powered DOFFs, high powered items, etc.

1 of them is usually a gimmicky non-issue.

Multiply that by 5 players spamming (whatever it is) and suddenly it becomes a frustrating and stifling thing to face.

This actually relates to the whole "BoPs are overpowered" (which isn't true, in my estimation at all by the way) conversation.

The truth is more complicated than 'yes they are' or 'no they aren't.

The truth is more likely that in a 5 v 5 situation, a small controlled arena environment, the BoP ends up being rather fragile and cloak can be dealt with and marginalized.

In open world pvp zones like Ker'rat, where participation from either side is not necessarily set, and the situation is constantly shifting - suddenly having 3 to 6 players in BoPs all using hit and run tactics without the limitations arena play brings - suddenly they feel overpowered to the opponent - because without a coherent team or the appearance of a single superstar player on your side, quite frankly they will have the complete advantage.