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01-18-2013, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by starwrathforever View Post
However, I don't think FvK PvP queues are dead because when pugging I usually wait no more than 10 minutes to Arena or C&H I find players like Deadpool, Cryox, Lady F., Zirac, Buthong, The Doctor, Funkenstein, Diablo and many more very talented players who know very well how to fight in a KDF vessel!
But the problem is that the average Fed player can't bear at the same time terrific Klingun fighters and awesome offensive Klingun ships!
Simply they can't do they get discouraged and return to PvE!
must be a timing issue-as a Klink, I rarely seem to hit that PvP sweetspot where the Feds actually que up willing to fight. On Fedside, it's often a case of que, then wait for hours anywhere but FvF.

So I'm beginning go suspect it's regional-all the Feds willing to PvP must live in some other time-zone and/or are abed in their sleep when I'm home from work...
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