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Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
I've always wondered why science ships should be the only ones to get built in Boff powers: perhaps cruisers would be made somewhat more potent with innate 'emergency/auxiliary power to...' abilities.

Perhaps an innate 'beam overload' (what's the point of having high level tac beam powers anyway? Escorts don't get much use out of them); or make overload an engineering power (overloading a weapon sounds like something an engineer might do, rather than a tactical officer).

I'd also just plain buff beams, if it were up to me. DHCs don't need to be that good compared to other weapons; escorts still have more tac consoles, and higher level tac powers, so they still have the advantage in DPS even if they use beams like everyone else. Plus there are no beam powers that can really match CRF.

Just some thoughts that popped into my head as I read through this most excellent thread.
You have a very odd definition of excellent. And if you look at the Fleet Excel and Fleet Regent, they have equal number of tac consoles with a few of the upper echelon escorts (FPE, FHEC, etc).

As for the built in abilities, yeah, that one did confuse me for a little while. But it semi-sorta makes sense if you think about it. Sci ships have VERY strong sensors in comparison to the rest of the ships, so it would make sense that they would know where to fire to hit specific subsystems, and it would make sense that their sensors would be constantly scanning a target and know exactly where to hit to do more damage overall.
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