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01-18-2013, 11:19 AM
*Section 31 Gamma Quadrant Base.*

Drake: Who in the blue hell told you to set off a bomb on the freeway! Now you've p***ed off one of the most dangerous individuals in the Galaxy, and it's MY head he''s after!

Agent: You didn't complain when I killed Forrester.

Drake: I TOLD you to kill Forrester!

Agent: You said it yourself that Halsey's family lives in Republic Space. If the Republic got hold of his designs--

Drake: Don't lecture me on threats to the security of the Federation! I was protecting the Federation when your Grandfather was in diapers!

Sam 2: Frank.

Drake: Fine! Get out of here!

*The agent walks out. Sam 2 walks out of the shadows and in front of Drake.*

Sam 2: I want her, now.

Drake: Be patient. You'll have your pound of flesh.

Sam 2: You need me, but I don't need you.

Drake: Is someone forgetting our little arrangement?

*Sam 2 hears hundreds of screams in her mind.*

That was your colony on Lanco II's Southern Hemisphere. I'll reactivate them this time, but next time...

Sam 2: I get the picture, Drake.

Drake: Good.

If you want Samantha Allington dead, might I suggest a trade?

Sam 2: What?

Drake: Bring her to me, alive. *He shows a holo-recording of Sam's episode on Deis II.*

I want to know how she did that.

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