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Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
I've always wondered why science ships should be the only ones to get built in Boff powers: perhaps cruisers would be made somewhat more potent with innate 'emergency/auxiliary power to...' abilities.

Perhaps an innate 'beam overload' (what's the point of having high level tac beam powers anyway? Escorts don't get much use out of them); or make overload an engineering power (overloading a weapon sounds like something an engineer might do, rather than a tactical officer).
Not a bad thought, but just to play DA, what innate ability would scorts get? Because you know if you're handing them out to Sci and Cruisers, the scort pilots will want one too.

Not to mention that the "Target Subsystem I" skills really don't seem to add a heck of a lot of benefit. The disable effect happens rarely enough that I normally don't bother adding them to my power bar. (I should get around to putting them in a keybind with "Fire all energy weapons" though...)
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