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01-18-2013, 11:36 AM
I like the look of it. I'm really hoping its a KDF science battle cruiser I wonder if there will be a fleet version. At least it looks Klingon this time... And if the thing has a custom bridge with windows of any kind I really hope that the view from the bridge is accurate this time..

As for stats.. I'm going to guess that the T-5 version is going to be about the same as the K'tinga Retrofit, and not quite as good as the Fleet K'tinga... Honestly I think it would be better as a skin for fleet Battlecruisers. Theres is really so many variations on a theme you can realisticly do on a battle cruiser...and the only thing that would really make sense to me is giving it a commander engineering, LT Commander Science and Tactical,Lt Engineering, and a Ens Sci. That would give it a solid mix of BOFF abilities and maximize utility for any type of captain. Of course.. this could be the first of the KDF attack cruisers with 3 aft and 5 forward weps too.

Gonna guess a turn mode of 10 on this, not quite as good as the K'tinga, but better then the Vor'cha
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