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Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
You know, after experimenting with plasma torp/beam builds on other ships, I'm wondering if the great strength (at least in pve) for Varanus might be a Romulan torp boat arrangement.

With access to embassy consoles, a Fleet Varanus would be _devastating_ with plasma weaponry, even without a lot of tac abilities.

I'm unlikely to try it myself, because KDF fleet I'm in might have enough resources to have embassy consoles sometime in the late 2020s.
Even then, some of its Federation counterparts would be much better at this. They have science vessels that come with either more tac consoles or more tac Boff powers, based on the one you choose.

For example, look at the Fleet Recon Science Vessel; it has one more tac power AND one more tac console. And the Fed ship that has the same console layout as the Fleet Varanus has a Lt. Commander Tac slot.

We still need something similar on this side, even if they decide to leave the Fleet Varanus in it's current pointless state. I say 'pointless', because DPS is the name of the game, and there's a good reason you mainly see two specific fleet science ships used by Federation characters (aside from those who just like a class from the show and want one)...namely, the FRSV and FSRV.

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