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01-18-2013, 12:30 PM
The Recluse with The T5 Romulan Rep System Elite Scorpion Fighters should be quite beastly.

I may breakout my Recluse again tonight (I hit T5 Romulan Rep today) after I get a set of Elite Scorpion Fighters.

One of the main reasons that I shelved my Recluse was due to its weak hanger support options.

Another thing that made me shelve my Recluse was that fact that I could not use Target Subsystems Shields 3 and GW3 or TR3 together in my load out like I can with my Vo'Quv.

The Recluse can be quite the enigma if you character is a pure Science.

You either go with a maxed out Science BO setup and have no real Damage available from Tactical Skills or you go Tactical heavy and risk having to burn a re-spec so you can get the most out that setup.

That's why I stick with my Vo'Quv, it gives you Science heavy with a Lt. Commander Tactical Station and Lt. Commander Engineering Station to boot.

The Recluse is a great vessel and in the right hands it can be incredibly powerful (Elite Scorps all the way here)

In order for me to make use of the Recluse I'd have to re-spec (pure Science) and I'd rather just wait till I can get my hands on the Fleet Vo'Quv (only 2 years to go)

I think the biggest draw of the Recluse is that it can work for pretty much any class provided that you're not has picky about the BOFF layout has I am