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01-18-2013, 01:49 PM
First things first. when and where did he say they are not getting contacts now or soon?

second, yes we do need contacts and costumes, and i suspect this is purely a time/technical reason and they will eventually get added. I know we may not get the crystal version yet as we cant yet create EV suit type planets and thats was something they wanted to work around, but if they have given us EV mobs and ships then there must be able to add the ship costumes like every single other group so we can reskin them to be friendly, or NPC'S.

I so want to have the tholians talking smack to my captain, but I cant. I want some non combat ones walking around to add atmosphere to the mission, but i cant. i want some ships that dont attack you on site because its pretty important.

yes we can work round it, but why exactly are we having to? sometimes a straight answer is needed.

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