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Expanded section on 4.5 ?Shipboard Mystery? Scenarios, with specific examples.

4.5 "Shipboard Mystery" Scenario

Works in a similar manner to Starbase Officer of the Watch / System Patrol missions, except they take place/start on the player?s ship interior. Definitely more involved than simply ?Kill 5 enemies? or ?Scan 5 anomalies?.

These are triggered randomly when the player enters their own ship interior. They have the option of doing these missions (which reward EC/XP/Dil/CXP) or skipping them (no rewards).

Some missions could be created by Foundry authors, while others could be adaptations of real Trek episodes.

- A member of an unaligned species wishes to seek asylum. Once they arrive, mysterious malfunctions begin to happen, cumulating to deliberate sabotage, off-screen dialogue-only injury of a BOff or a death of a redshirt. Suspicions fall on the asylum seeker.

- A alien civilian seeks help in repairing his ship. While this is happening, representatives from two feuding governments appear, claim the alien as a notorious criminal, and demand that he/she be handed over to their respective side(s) (TNG: The Outrageous Okona)

- (Galaxy Class exclusive) One of the children accidentally wandered into sickbay / a medical lab and becomes infected with a pathogen. The crew must contain the infection before it overwhelms everyone and potentially spreads to other ships or planets.

- Security detects a transporter signature in various locations throughout the ship (opens a window to allow players to opt into PvE/PvP Boarding Action STFs)

- All is not all work and no play - two crewmembers getting married to each other ask you as the captain to officiate the wedding. (Very rare mission, rewards very large boost in Development CXP)

- A subspace anomaly / Negative Space Wedgie wreaks havoc with shipboard systems.

- A distress call is received from a Starfleet or KDF vessel (cross-faction available). You lead an away team to the ship, and discover the crew dead / incapacitated / struggling with a serious shipboard malfunction.

- A variant of the First Contact mission Jiro Sugihara gives you: Whilst travelling at warp, your ship encounters a never-seen-before alien vessel. One things leads to another, and next thing you know, both the Federation Diplomatic Corps and the alien government authorize you and your alien counterpart to initiate formal First Contact procedures.

- A crewman in found dead in his/her quarters or at his/her post. Determine the guilt of three or four suspects - possible outcomes include all innocent (terrible accident), all guilty of conspiring to murder this individual, one or more guilty of conspiracy, or merely negligence leading to death of victim.

- (Intrepid Class exclusive) A subspace anomaly / Negative Space Wedgie knocks your ship off-course into uncharted space - find a way back home (outcome is always successful, rewards based on the player's skill in dealing with the situation).
Thoughts? Ideas?

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