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First off point out this

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Then put in a common sector block above Bete Ursae between Orellius and Sirius joining up to alpha cent and/or Iota Pav.
in reply to this...

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Cardassia is on the opposite side of the sector, heck they are not even in the same Quadrant and in order for Romulans to reach Cardassian space they would have to go across Federation space, heck considering you are locked out of Sirius in the game you would also have to enter Klingon space.
Also this block could fit in with location of Ferenginar and Trill and the Romulans have got to Cardassian territory in ds9 with the Feds being surprised to see them. Further more in Ds9 i'm sure they say something to the dominion or cardassians about fighting a war on 3 fronts meaning Fed , KDF and Rom , and Romulan boarder skirmishes only in about two lines of speech however. The Galaxy isn't flat and square after all.

I just feel it makes more sense than the Romulans or Cardassians bowing down to Fed or KDF.

I agree with the Alpha Jem'Hadar comment though i only included them as people always mention them so thought i'd throw them in the mix. But I'm not a fan in anyway.