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The ship needs two things to make it perfect: Floodlights on the name and registry areas and the impulse engines in the most OBVIOUS area of the ship, that being back of the saucer where the modeller has *clearly* cut into the model to be textured as impulse engines.

If the Low-rez model is REALLY being used as the canon model for this ship, then why have the name and registry been reversed, top to bottom? The ILM model has the name on top, with the registry number underneath. The in-game model has this reversed, with the strange (and occasional in-game only) registry on top, and name on the bottom.

But... well, I guess since there are no floodlights on the name or registry, I guess nobody noticed.

IF indeed canon is SO important here, then surely, this MUST be fixed.

Either way... please please PLEASE just put floodlights ON! It will make a world of difference!