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01-18-2013, 04:14 PM
This is a fresh windows install fully formatted drive.And fully updated.

In my opinion I still think it was the game it self that caused the error and made my system crash be cause in my other post be for this one it gave me the Game crash error.

Fatal Error:Error decompressing data,Verifying File in the launcher may fix this issue:

Technical Details:Error decompressing data, Verifying File in the launcher may fix this issue: Bin/clientmessagesenglish,Bin

The game and my system was working fine this morning i played until they went and did a patch this morning.And after i got the patch about 3 pm i have been scanning with every thing i could think of and every thing came up clean but the HD errors and they where not there last night i keep a close eye on this stuff.My system scans every night and i read the logs.

But any way i am reinstalling the game and hope fully that will fix the issue.And Verifying Files on this game does not work FYI.I even went into my registry and tried to enabled it and it did not want to engage.