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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post

42,900 hull
1.1 shield mod
7.5 turn rate
35 inertia

4 eng consoles
3 sci consoles
3 tac consoles

COM eng
LTC sci
LT eng
LT tac
ENS uni
Hrmmm... better hull and shield modifier than a Galaxy Retrofit? That doesn't really make sense for an older ship. More consoles than a G-R?

This isn't like with the Oddy - where they were doing the next Enterprise. This is the C. Even a Retrofit C would not be as good as a Retrofit D... wouldn't it more likely be a variant of a RA Star/Assault...with stats closer to that?

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
40,000 hull
1.05 shield mod
10.5 turn rate
35 inertia
DC use

4 eng consoles
2 sci consoles
4 tac consoles

COM eng
LTC tac
LT eng
LT sci
ENS uni
Hrmmm... same here. It's a better ship than it should be. It's along the lines of a variant of a Tor'Kaht...when it should be somewhere between the K't'inga and Vor'cha?

Cause if these older ships come out with better stats than the newer ships that already exist - that's screwing over the people that have those ships. It's not the same as coming out with new ships/future ships (where one would expect them to be better) - they're older ships. RA Retrofits, so they're better than standard RAs...but not on the level of VA Refits/Retrofits...because they're older.

edit: Variants of the Excelsior and the Vor'cha... cause these "new" ships are T3/T5 ships - not T4/T5 nor T5/T5+ ships.

edit2: That being said, if they hope to sell a T5 variant - it may be a case we only get the T3 free.

edit3: Or it may be a case that the free T5's weak enough that folks would pay for a T5 that's decent. Or you could be looking at the console thing.

edit4: Or don't forget all those folks that said they'd pay to be able to fly an endgame Ambassador - so it might be the T3 for free and a shoddy T5 for those folks.

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