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01-18-2013, 06:57 PM
[Borg] Space Weapons are no longer buyable. There's only the Kinetic Cutting Beam and Omega Plasma Torpedo in the Omega Reputation chains. If you want MK 12 AP weapons your only viable option is the Fleet stores.

The passives are somewhat nice, and my guess is that STFs have been balanced for both Reputation chain's passives and the new Fleet stuff

All your Fleet credits, marks and ships go with you from fleet to fleet. People fleet hoping trying to get the Fleet stuff they want is one of the facts of life nowadays. Bribing or asking directly for a specific Tier fleet doesn't seem to be very well liked in main chats, and any that list specific Tiers for recruiting tend to have extremely high requirements for access to provisioned stores (6 figures on the leaderboard...) Annoying if you're in a dead-end fleet and could really use things like the threat scaling science consoles.

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