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The new Vesta-pack had two additional skins: Aventine and Rademaker. These new two designs are really good looking and fantastic. Great job done by Cryptics!

However, on some of the ship's saucer section, the registry number and ship names are painted in some whacked up places.
Why can't we have standard-starfleet-like paint job on all ships?

Vesta-skin: Painted right where its supposed to be just like any star trek show.

Rademaker-skin : What happened to the ship name??? paint shortage? Trying to cut the painting cost?

Aventine-skin : If you can't paint at the forward-center of the saucer, can you at least paint BOTH ship&registry on BOTH SIDES like Armitage?

And if you use non-vesta materials on the ship (like Type1) Ship name and registry get messed up (like 8295892598252589).