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01-18-2013, 07:29 PM
I'd swap the dual cannon for a DHC, change CSV2 to a rapid fire (or go with APO1 and CRF3), and max out your warp core efficiency and weapon performance skills to minimize power drain, even if it means sacrificing some of the resistances. More power equals more DPS, and more DPS equals better survivability due to the fact that dead enemies can't shoot back. I'd pull 2-3 points each off EPS, ground weapons, hull plating, armor reinforcements, and PS gen and use them in other areas, such as graviton gens for your gravwell, shield emitters or the above mentioned skills. Swap hazard emitter and TSS skill ranks. There's little difference between HAZ 1 and 2. Dump the RSP for either aux To structural (my personal choice) or another EPTS. either will give you damage resistance, and aux2struc can be used every 15 seconds to keep you alive.
If you're just going to PvE, plasma will serve you well forever. But if you plan on PvPing ever, consider either switching to disruptor or AP, (go for [acc] bonuses) with a quantum torp, or at least keeping a second weapon/console set to swap out when needed.

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