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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post

42,900 hull
1.1 shield mod
7.5 turn rate
35 inertia
Not seeing it.

42,900 would put it higher that the Galaxy-R that is just 40k, Excelsior retrofit is 39k, meaning there is really not much room as its either one or the other, not higher that the Odyssey and we would have to look at the Fleet Galaxy to find higher hull as the Fleet Star Cruiser have the same stats.

Same with the 1.1 Shield Modifier, neither the Galaxy-R or the Excelsior retrofit have a 1.1 Shield modifier, you are putting FLEET ships on the Z-Store.

Also 7.5 turn rate? Excelsior is 8 and Galaxy is 6 so were the .5 comes from?

4 eng consoles
3 sci consoles
3 tac consoles
10 consoles, again this is Fleet ships level and only ones that get that outside the Fleet system are the Pack Ships and the Steamrunner that is not directly available.

Also I doubt there is a univeral seat, this would make the Galaxy-R so irrelevant they might as well throw a hangar in and allow it to separate because this would then make that ship utter obsolete, sure they did that with the Interpid-R but at least they had the decency of having a younger ship doing that.

40,000 hull
1.05 shield mod
10.5 turn rate
35 inertia
DC use
This is harder to judge because the Vor'cha and K't'inga are at diferent tiers.

But you just make it having stronger hull, more shields and higher turn rate that the Vor'cha refit, in fact it gets more hull that the fleet Vor'cha just losing shields to it.

I would say they have to go either way in turn rate, its either 10 or 11 with hull/shields adapted to what they will go with.

4 eng consoles
2 sci consoles
4 tac consoles
This is a copy of the Fleet Vor'cha, I dont think I need to say more do I?

COM eng
LTC tac
LT eng
LT sci
ENS uni

Considering the low Sci consoles and the fact the Lt is on Sci and the Lt. on Eng we all know were that Ensign Universal will go.

I think this makes a rather awkward cruiser, the low Science consoles and stuck Lt. Sci just makes that station being used for more self heals, its not a science cruiser and the loss of the Lt Tactical just pushes this into a taking cruiser with weaker hull.

That also makes it worst that the Fleet Negh'Var, granted its a T5 Zen Store ship and not a Fleet ship but then it have 10 consoles without being a pack ship.

sure, this might be a bit optimistic
I would say very unrealistic because in the Ambassador case you just make a Fleet ship and I have no idea what your Kamarag is, its kinda of a tank with 10 console slots but a weaker Fleet Negh'Var, it does almost beat the Negh'Var as a tank that begs the question of how would Cryptic allow it to happen.

Zen store ships should not beat their Tier ships, the VA ships are supposed to be T5 ships with a unique console, even the Pack ships have some rather strong drawbacks in some areas.

What you did was make ships that simply beat their non-Fleet counterparts in stats and also lag a bit behind Fleet ships that in the Ambassador case it might as well come with a unique device called "pissing over the Galaxy Retrofit grave" because you are simply making the Galaxy IRRELEVANT.

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