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01-18-2013, 07:38 PM

bitemepwe's suggestion sounds like a good trick, which I should definitely try out.
In my case, I don't keybind the weapon buff and the fire button on the same key. I've tried it before it's not very reliable. They say the keybinds trigger abilities from right to left, but I've always seen exceptions to that rule enough that forced me to change things around (it does right to left the majority of the time though).

An example: I use 1 to buff up mines with dispersal pattern beta iii and 2 to launch the mines. So everytime a mine is loaded and ready, I just press 1 then 2. Another example from my personal repertoire: I keybind q for all the other buffs (dps and shields) and use the default space bar to fire once I've buffed up. Simple but efficient.

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