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01-18-2013, 07:43 PM
Fleet K'tinga brings pain wherever it goes. It's easily my favorite ship in the game. (Although I dont have any lockbox ships.) I picked one up pretty early, and havent looked back. I benched it for a couple days to try out the vet destroyer, then hopped back in my K'Tinga. I have enough maneuverability to keep weapons on target, and the power to keep the weapons firing. Here it is in action:

And its not even half as good in that video as it it now. I specced heavily into my EWP, and switched my consoles to plasma damage, and Romulan plasma DHCs, now I stomp on anything that I line up in PvE, and a lot of what I line up in PvP (Good teams negate my damage a bit, but thats the point of a good team)