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I was surprised and disappointed Winter Event Ending Soon thread was closed; i have searched for any related threads to post my questiions/concerns in but there are none (open/relavant).

I did my best to race every day from the start of the event. Sadly computer and other issues which neither I nor Cryptic/PWE had any control over set me back; of the 17 characters i've made i could only race 12 and of those only 1 was unable to finish. Some of my chars have an extra 160-200; more than enough for him to close the gap (he has either 840 or 880 photos). Will the Q Photos by unbound at some point or at least made account-shareable?

pwebranflakes frequently redirected inquiries to but that article fails to disclose either the location(s) of the ferengi selling Winter Items or for how lone; i would presume until 31st Jan, the date stated for the GPL Converter.

I made the Winter Event my priority for the limited time i have to play, essentially sacrificing almost all of the opportunities for playing FE Reruns; only 1 BOff, 2 Canes and 7 (4+2+1) Lobi. Far short of what i'd hoped to accomplish.

That said i did generally enjoy the event. Some days i really had a blast! Despite the annoyance of Snowmen attacking when i'm trying to Race.

I look forward to both your reply and to the next event.