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you guys need to read this paragraph

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the question is, will they be be fleet ship spec, or stock RA spec when they give them to us. since nether of these ships have any chance of a 3 pack being spawned off of them, i think theres actually a very good chance they will be fleet ship level, and then added to the fleet store after the event. the breen ship having as fleet ship level stats might be set a precedent here too.

since the last few releases have been of ships at fleet level, and because its basically the new baseline, i think these anniversary ships will be fleet ship level. the breen ship, steam runner, and vesta are the newest additions, and all at fleet ship level with enhanced stats and 10 consoles

my ambassador stats mirror the fleet excelsior, that is of course higher then the stats of the the non fleet galaxy. the fleet galaxy has 44k hull though, thats what my proposed ambassador is aimed at.

the klingon ship, i meant for its hiitpoints to be less then the fleet vorcha's, i'll correct that. klingon ships are going to be tactical heavier period. the vassle states are the ones making more sci leaning ships. a universal LTC isn't happening on another cruiser, thats reserved for the ody, vesta, and vet ship

don't blame me that the galaxy and fleet galaxy are a joke, i hate that thats the case. i would love for it to be a viable ship. i would let the fleet galaxy have a 4/3/3 console setup, and

COM eng
LTC eng

LT uni
LT uni
ENS uni

station setup. it could have the traditional starcruiser assault cruiser setup, or something more like the steam runner with 2 like LT and the odd ENS

i think a LTC sci is a better fit on the ambassador. the galaxy was not a sci ship more then it was a battleship. the ambassador is also nearly exactly half the volume of a galaxy, so a 7.5 turn i think is appropriate
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