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01-18-2013, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
its hard to miss the effect when these go off. 1 or 2 effects nothing, but i was likely hit by someone who never speced into them at all. did get hit by a full dispersal pater of them yesterday, on purpose to check, and it took all of my shields that time
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
rooster75, yes i am really amazed at the faact no nerf thred came up. thats why i made my own. these mines are so op and need a balance pass. im kinda pissed trics have the huge majority of post. these mines need to be checked. guess yeah we need everyone to start using these to piss people off and come in to post. like i said i payed rl $ and i want these nerfed.
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
The 7 second debuff is ridiculous.

If they aren't willing to compromise on the values of the mine, then why not just make it a single mine instead and increase the cooldown and make them not work with DPB?
yeah i read through the whole discussion before posting

7 secs, hmm thought it was 10sec

Jam sensors = 12+ secs
Eject warp plasma = 15sec
Scramble sensors = 10+secs if u pop aux batt
Target Shields Subsystems = shields can be just gone and disabled
Subnucleonic Beam = 30 sec
Viral Matrix = gah is too cpmplicated with the new doffs

7/10 secs if not low around the norm, so the Question stands: They seem to be rarely seen unless groups of people run out to open boxes and get lobi to buy them to try out the next "OP" thing now. Unless i'm missing that a group of fleets are now using these in Private premade matches since tricos got nerfed. Or maybe we should ask the Devs to obliterate mines and Dispersal patterns all together? Then we can get to the really new OP thing that old breen cluster torpedo and Transphasic mines in general which partially bypass our shields, oh wait we already killed mines so no dispersal patterns needed OK, NEXT item cannons they shoot too fast and my shields cant stand up to them please nerf them too

Really they have been around almost a year then someone has them used against them to good effect to assist in removing shields because the mines by themselves cause No Kinetic Damage and now we should nerf it wow, just wow